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Turkey Ossobuco

My Nana’s favorite meal was veal ossobuco preempted by a dry martini with extra ice on the side. I imagine she picked up this habit in Providence, Rhode Island where she raised my mom and her sister and spent most … Continue reading

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Bacon Shakshouka

I have eaten lots of shakshuka. The North African dish of stewed tomatoes and poached eggs is as close to the national dish of Israel as it comes. Yes, falafel was marketed well by the Jewish Agency as the food … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review – 1868

On Thursday night Yael and I went out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays. We had been looking forward to a nice meal for a while and were thrilled with the experience at 1868. In the 8 years that I … Continue reading

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The power of non-traditional kosher food

I was pleasantly surprised to read Frank Bruni’s expose about Basil Pizza & Wine in this week’s NY Times Magazine. It is the story of an upscale Kosher restaurant just across from the “Jewish” side of Crown Heights. The story … Continue reading

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Leaping Frog Chicken

A little more than a week ago we had a bbq for my wife Yael’s birthday. We got some wings, some Merguez sausage (spicy North African flavors which we will try to replicate sometime this year) and on the advice … Continue reading

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Jewish Elders Lift 6,000-Year Ham Ban

JERUSALEM—Ending a strict, six-millennia prohibition of the consumption of cloven-hoofed beasts, the World Rabbinical Council announced Tuesday that Jews worldwide may “dig in to the delicious taste of ham.” “The Jewish people have always had the utmost reverence for the … Continue reading

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